Proventia to deliver NOx emissions monitoring systems for Helsinki buses

18/12/2015 - Proventia

Proventia Emission Control Oy will deliver its NOxBUSTER® DPF + SCR exhaust aftertreatment systems and the PROCARE™ Drive system, which monitors NOX emissions in real time, for a bus route in Helsinki where the annual threshold values set for nitrogen oxides (40 μg/m3) in the EU directive on ambient air quality have been exceeded over several years. The installation of the aftertreatment and monitoring systems is connected to the objective of Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) to significantly reduce emissions from public transportation affecting the quality of air by 2025.  With the help of the HSL environmental bonus, the operator of the line will install EAT and emissions monitoring systems in all of its 37 buses.

Proventia's NOxBUSTER® DPF + SCR system minimises emissions of particulates and NOX. In addition, Proventia will deliver a new PROCARE™ Drive emissions monitoring system for all the buses. The system allows HSL and the bus line operator to monitor the functionality of the EAT system and vehicle-specific NOX emissions in real time.

“PROCARE™ Drive emission tracking solution is a web-based solution that monitors the performance of the vehicles’ exhaust aftertreatment system online 24/7 using GPS and 3G wireless technology,” Petri Saari, Proventia’s Vice President explains. “System includes a data logging device installed in a vehicle and the web service. With the Proventia PROCARE™ Drive system operators or authorities can monitor the amount of NOx emitted and emission reduction performance of a vehicle’s exhaust aftertreatment device simultaneously in different phases of its daily route. System collets and saves all information to the cloud automatically for further reporting.

With the monitoring system, vehicle emissions can be monitored and reported reliably.