Stockholm & Scandinavia - Retrofitting by Proventia

All cities in Sweden are required to guarantee their residents acceptable air quality. Therefore in many cities NOx and PM emissions need to be reduced and this is to be achieved through the implementation of environmental zones. Proventia has retrofitted hundreds of heavy-duty vehicles, upgrading EURO II/III/ IV vehicles up to EURO V/ VI in Sweden and other Scandinavian countries.

In Swedish environmental zones (Miljözon Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö. Uppsala, Helsingborg, lund and Umeå) Proventia has retrofitted hundreds of city buses and trucks with DPF + SCR system upgrading vehicles' emission classes up to EURO V, alowing vehicles drive into environmental zones up to 2020.

In Finland Proventia has retrofitted hundreds of EURO II/ III trucks and buses with DPF + SCR systems, allowing vehicles to participate public transportation procurement. For a bus route in Helsinki where the annual threshold values set for nitrogen oxides (40 μg/m3) in the EU directive on ambient air quality have been exceeded over several years, Proventia has delivered DPF + SCR systems accompanied with a NOx emissions monitoring system that allows the bus line operator and Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) to monitor the functionality of the EAT system and vehicle-specific NOx emissions in real time.

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