ERECA - Exhaust Retrofit Emission Control Alliance

ERECA is an initiative of European companies, who manufacture and supply retrofit emission control systems; we provide information on retrofit diesel particulate filters and deNOx systems for diesel engines as solutions to reduce diesel emissions and so improve air quality. All companies have many years' experience and proven results in international retrofit projects, having supplied state-of-the- art retrofit technology for air quality projects worldwide.

Objectives and functions of ERECA

  • We draw the attention of Members of the European Parliament and the European Commission, regional representatives and personalities from politics and administrative bodies to existing technical retrofit solutions relating to the air pollution problem in Europe.
  • We provide representation in European institutions for a policy and legislative framework that facilitates the uptake of exhaust retrofit emission control technologies across Europe for buses, commercial vehicles, non-road mobile machinery, rail, marine and stationary applications of diesel engines.
  • We promote high-performance retrofit emission control technologies, such as particulate filters and deNOx systems, as an immediate and cost-effective way to reduce the impact of air pollution from buses, commercial vehicles and mobile machinery.
  • We engage and collaborate with pan-European and national bodies on the development of low-emission zones and certification schemes for exhaust retrofit emission control technologies based on current schemes which encourage the latest best practice solutions across Europe.

Europe’s Leading Companies for Emission Control by Exhaust Retrofit